‘Zidane’ points out ‘Messi’ must be number 10 only.

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Zinedine Zidane has revealed that he and fans can expect to see Lionel Messi wear the number 10 shirt on the pitch, after the Argentine admitted he misses owning the number 10 shirt.

Messi became an icon during his career at Paris Saint-Germain, donning the number 10 shirt, later following in Diego Maradona’s footsteps in donning the popular number.

For the national teams of Argentina and Barcelona,​​however, when he moved to PSG, the shirt number was in the possession of Neymar, causing Messi to choose a different number for his trade.

A player for France’s famous club, Messi chose number 30 throughout his two-year playing career in the French capital. The 36-year-old previously revealed he had a special relationship with the number when he first broke into Barcelona’s first team. ทางเข้า ufabet

A special adidas event featured the iconic number 10 . Messi and Zinedine Zidane sat down to share their experiences in the world of football, with Zidane admitting that everyone wants to see the Ballon d’Or winner wearing the number 10 shirt at PSG. “ I I don’t think that nowadays this matter is as important as before. But of course the number 10 is still special,” Messi told Zidane in an exclusive Adidas chat. “When I played for Paris, I didn’t wear the number 10 shirt as I wore it. It’s always been with Barcelona and with the national team,” Zidane responded. “But it’s very special for you. People want to see Messi wear number 10. If I see Messi on the pitch, I expect to see number 10 on his back.”