Caicedo reveals ‘Enzo’ continues to convince Joy Sing

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Highly-priced midfielder Moises Caicedo has revealed that Enzo Fernandes called him to persuade him to join Chelsea.

Ecuadorian national team midfielder, 22, moved from Brighton. Joined Chelsea in August for a fee of 115 million pounds. Before that, Liverpool was ready to spend money to bring him to the team as well. But in the end, it was the “Sing Blues” who got the player’s signature. ทางเข้า

He revealed it to the club. Talking with Enzo Fernandez before deciding to join the team

“It was a great conversation. That is, I will convey the fact that the world champion footballer called you. He is one of the best midfielders in the world…

“Getting the call from him was amazing and he convinced me to come play here.

“He said Chelsea is a great club. He said the team has many young players. And there is solidarity.

“I myself am a person who likes the bonding within the team. Because I think that if there is such a thing We can handle any situation we face. Whether it’s pressure or whatever. So that’s what motivated me to move here.

“Right now I’m enjoying playing alongside him and training with him as well. We are always together

“I am very happy and I try to get better every day. As Enzo said, it is to set a good example for everyone at the club.”