‘Sterling’ posted goodbye to the ‘Boat’ before joining Chelsea

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Raheem Sterling has posted a farewell message to Manchester City and fans after ending a seven-year move to Chelsea, the

27-year-old is expected to make his Chelsea debut. His big team Z today (Wednesday) after traveling to LA to join his new team-mates on the pre-season tour

Sterling posted a message saying goodbye to fans, staff. Coach and teammates on the fence “

Seven seasons, 11 major titles, a lifetime memory,” Sterling posted:

“To the coaching staff who have played such an important role in my development. over many years To my teammates who are more than just being on the same pitch, to the staff in the dressing room, to the staff in the office, to the fans who tirelessly support the team, to everyone involved with Manchester City, I respect that. you guys to the max”

“It’s a great route. I am grateful for all the ups and downs. The downfall has been a test of my strength and my resolve on many occasions. And has allow me to stand before you in my best self.”

“I moved to Manchester at the age of 20. , I left as an adult.” the UFABET report

“Thank you for your endless support. It’s an honor to wear the Manchester City shirt.”

Earlier reports said Chelsea had reach an agreement to sign Sterling for around £47.5 million

. I spoke to Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel. About life at the club and he was impressed with the vision of new boss

Sterling moving from Liverpool to join Manchester City. In 2015, he won four Premier League titles, one FA Cup and three League Cups with the club.