What is Live Casino and why is it becoming so popular?

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for novice gamblers You might want to know what Live Casino is and how it will feel different from playing online. Live Casino literally means live casino. The format is live online. feel real It’s like you’ve joined a table. Then there is a card dealt in front of you. who is a sexy girl

The fun of Live Casino lies in real-time. You’ll be thrilled and excited every moment. Even if you’re betting on the screen. But this live broadcast It’s like pulling you into a real casino. in the secret room for betting It feels like you’ve seen a movie and seen players bet on the table, that’s it. If anyone has no experience with live casino. With watching live performances before their eyes It should not be missed. Because it’s really fun, it’s beyond description. สมัคร UFABET

What gambling games does Live Casino offer?

From the foregoing, you might be able to imagine what Live Casino is. Now let’s take a look at some of the games that live casinos offer. What online gambling games are available?

Single Player Baccarat or Baccarat Bonus

It is an online baccarat game with HTML5 technology that can support playing baccarat on all electronic devices. Whether it’s a PC, tablet or on a smartphone that has both IOS and Android, the highlight of playing this type of baccarat is Players can play baccarat games with dragon tiger games at the same time. And there are 14 types of bets and can also choose to place a bonus bet. Which gives payouts of up to 30 times. In addition, you can watch live broadcasts in both HD, SD and LD systems. Players also have the right to choose up to 7 betting tables at the same time.

Multiplayer Baccarat

It is a type of baccarat game that allows players to place bets with other players. You can also see what other players bet on. This format of Multiplayer Baccarat is the same as playing in a casino. is to join a circle with other players Each table can accommodate 7 players. There are 5 types of betting options. Bonus bets can be placed as well. and has a payout rate of up to 30 times 

Sic Bo or Sicbo game

When you say Hilo Everyone is probably familiar with it. Because it is a gambling game using dice as the main device to play. And use all 3 dice. The nature of this game is to randomly find numbers on the face of all 3 dice that will be drawn. There are 10 types of play styles to choose from, each with different payout rates. The highlight of this game is that you can place multiple bets at the same time. Each type has a separate win and lose result. 


A legendary casino game that dates back to the 17th century. It features a wheel marked with numbers from 0-36 and consists of three stripes: black, red and green. The green bar is always reverse with the number 0. Gambling is a bet that when the wheel has been spin. The arrow stops at what number, what color bar, and up to 10 betting formats are available.

Realistic gameplay is more challenging.

Of course, everyone likes to play games in real time. Rather than sitting and guessing in unrealistic ways Since the launch of live casino online gambling services , many online gamblers are already fond of playing baccarat or roulette. with live betting Even though the truth is in different places each country But the live It gives the impression that the player is gazing into the eyes of the dealer and also seeing the different gestures of the dealer in front of you. It’s like actually facing each other. 

high security Win and lose results are based on reality.

Because because it is a live broadcast Each time you bet or show off a card is a real performance. Your bets are therefore transparent. From the beginning of the game room to the end of the game This is probably the reason why many gamblers are so interested in this live card game. because of the real taste Playing at home but feeling like going into a casino And the live broadcast has clear picture and sound. Players can also talk and chat with the dealer.