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The most familiar gambling game in the world of online casino. Could it be anything other than popular games like baccarat or baccarat online? which this baccarat game It is considered a betting game. Where the percentage of winning against the dealer or casino is very high, it can be called 50 : 50. Therefore, playing baccarat from the past Therefore. Gamblers invent and try to win the game with many different techniques and formulas, and in this article We’ll talk about the 8 roadmap, the iron rules of baccarat players. things to fasten If you want to beat this game, what do you have?

8 Iron Rules for Baccarat Players to adhere to

Exit stats aren’t everything. Don’t hold on to it 100%

In the game of Baccarat, the statistics of the exit are recorded. big table baccarat so that players can take the results of the past Let’s analyze the future to see what might be possible in the future. However, I’m not saying that you should focus on these stats. Because the past doesn’t always tell the future. For this game, if the statistics really work well Betting websites probably won’t take these statistics to show you. but to show because just wanting to return profits to gamblers only

Must know in depth about the game. If you want to be a winner

You need to learn as much as you can. to be as comprehensive as possible Is there any way we can beat the casino? what is the weakness what are the strengths or the technique that we should use the most How to play baccarat game Do you believe that there are still some people? who still don’t know the real rules of it what exactly If we already know everything We will be smart gamblers.

Don’t bet if your money really isn’t there.

we are talking Money you can’t afford to lose If that money you lack, it will make your life difficult. We recommend keeping it. don’t play But if the money to be used to play baccarat is a waste of money wasted without trouble This is considered playable.

Choose to bet on the banker’s side as the cheapest slug.

Did you know that gamblers around the world Not just in Thailand He likes to bet on the banker’s side. Because the chances of drawing cards on the banker’s side are more a few players If calculated according to the rules of Baccarat And the casino advantage rate is also very low, the lowest at 1.06%. Players around the world therefore reason that we should bet on the banker’s side. It’s low risk, but you have to admit that if you bet 100 baht, you Will get back only 95 baht because 5 baht (5%) is deducted as a commission for the casino.

Forget about ‘always’ gambling.

Although always chasing It will make a good profit for you, 1 to 8, but it has a very low chance of coming out, only 14.36%. Assuming 100 turns, only 14.36 draws, 8 times the prize is a trap, remember that.

Always set a daily betting goal.

  • Profit : You will need to define your budget clearly. Don’t keep playing without knowing anything. For example, in 1000 baht, you will stop playing if you make a profit of 30% of 1000 is 300 baht, etc.
  • Loss: So does loss. Set the maximum loss percentage. is necessary If you lose more than what percentage? You should stop playing that day.
  • Time: Time is very important. You still have a lot to do in life. In addition to playing baccarat So set a clear timeline, play in moderation, and spend time doing other things that are important to your life.

manage money as no expiration date

Capital management is also important. You cannot use all the funds. play one time The correct way is to divide the playing money into chunks from your total capital. For example, if there is a capital of 1000 baht, you can split the play for 300-350 baht per round. You can use the money management formula to play baccarat games. To help manage, we recommend 2 formulas:

  • Baccarat formula 1324 bright side, commonly used around the world. It is accepted that walking money is the best.
  • Baccarat martingale formula on the dark side is a baccarat formula, money walking of Thai people, everyone knows for sure.

Find a technique for predicting results.

Of course, you can’t be sure. what will the future be like What will be the next turn? it’s just a prediction But do you know that It has good forecasts. with poor forecasts good forecast It will have a principle Opportunity statistics show makes us believe in cause and effect Why do we make such predictions? And how bad a forecast is, is the opposite of a good forecast?

And here are the 8 roadmaps, the iron rules of baccarat players. that everyone needs to know and adhere to these rules If you want to be a winner in the game or be able to stand in the game for a long time.